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Vatel Restaurant

Chef Thierry Laurier has created a seasonal menu highlighting fresh and local products. Alongside this thoughtfully crafted menu, our sommelier invites you to explore the wines of Valais, Switzerland with expert pairings. At the end of your meal you will be greeted with a darling trolley of desserts, all of which are catered to your specific tastes.

Tuesday - Friday we offer our Quick Business Lunch, with a convenient rate.
The restaurant is closed every Sunday Night and Monday (entire day).

Information & Reservations

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By phone: 027. 720. 13. 13
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Restaurant Vatel

Tuesday to Saturday12H00 – 13H30 19H00 – 21H30
Sunday brunch12h00 – 14h00


Open every day7H00 – 23H00

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Fresh perch fillets, tartare sauce and homemade Belgium Style fries40CHF
Hérens beef tartare, homemade belgium Style fries, and toasted bread 30CHF
Local Cheese burger, homemade Belgium Style fries (rye bun, Hérens beef, local bacon, tomatoes, Bagnes cheese, tartare sauce32CHF

Our Fish and Meats

Fish of the dayPrice may varyCHF
Veal sweetbreads and pan-seared foie gras, grilled leeks and beluga lentils with crisp bacon from Valais, wasabi pea emulsion29CHF
Seared beef fillet with smoked butter, crunchy potato with hazelnuts42CHF
Slow cooked Lamb 7hours, flavoured with honey and soy, sweet potato cake with a tangy heart35CHF

Pasta & Risotto

Lumaconi stuffed with duck leg, red onion compote, fennel salade and small green apples30CHF
Carnaroli Risotto, scallop and salsify, carmine cloud39CHF


Cured meat and cheese platter from the Valais (Selection of local cold cuts and cheeses)22CHF
Mixed salad7CHF
Chicken Caesar salad with bacon and a parmesan crisp cheese17CHF
Selection of Tapas to order (price per Tapas) 4CHF
Autumn roll with crab, chinese cabbage and hazelnuts, cauliflower guacamole16CHF

Vegetarians and gluten free

Cream soup of mushrooms, crumble of raclette cheese and saffron18CHF
Frensh toast with parmesan cheese, soft boiled egg, creamy morel mushrooms and truffle oil sauce 25CHF
Penne with prawn, otopus and chorizo, saffron and red peppers coulis28CHF